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The storage services at Supercheap are the best you will find. As a company we have been involved in the moving and storage business for many years, have a good reputation and are well established within the community. Our franchises can now be found all over Australia helping people to move quickly and efficiently and at rates they can afford.

Supercheap Storage – Adelaide Facility

Self Storage Adelaide

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Mel Brandle

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Mobile: 0435 527 911

Skype: 0435 527 911

Address Warehouse:

1100 Golden Grove Road
Golden Grove S.A. 5125
Adelaide, Australia

Address Office:

21 Möbius Crescent, Golden Grove
Adelaide, South Australia, 5125

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Our storage services are not only designed to cater to those living in residential houses but also to businesses, in fact there is no job too big or too small that we can’t handle. Many of our employees have been with us for years, thus creating a feeling of family in the workplace, and we treat them as we would any member of our family, with respect and consideration. This way we are guaranteed a happy working crew and motivated, committed individuals. Their work ethic means that you can expect, and will receive, only the best from our company when it comes to your moving and storage requirements.

We Bring It!

We Bring It!

We bring your mobile storage module right to your doorstep.

We Load It!

We Load It!

We can do all the lifting and loading for you, even the packing if needed.

We Store It!

We Store It!

Your loaded module is then safely transported to our secure storage facility.

The know-how of packing and moving your personal and valuable items in a professional and proficient manner comes with years of experience and fine-tuning our methods until they are perfect. We can organise everything for you, even down to the wrapping and packing of each item, facilitating high-quality materials to ensure goods are kept safe from damage during the removal process.Lifting and moving items of furniture, boxes and other bulky items involve certain techniques too, and these are skills and abilities that have to be demonstrated and taught.

Our team have carried out thousands of moving and storage jobs and know exactly how to store particular items to restrict any movement and prevent damage, and how to place them in a storage module to get the most out of every inch of space.It’s very easy for novice packers to hurt themselves as they don’t really know what they are doing, and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about as packing and moving large heavy items requires certain expertise, just as any job does.

Without the necessary understanding muscles can be pulled, a tendon torn or a back strained, these are all valid reasons why there are knowledgeable individuals to do the heavy work.  If you are going to trust anyone with your personal belongings then we can safely say we are your best bet.

We service these regions in the larger Adelaide Metropolitan Area;

Think of Supercheap Storage  Adelaide when you want the best in self storage solutions. Get a free quote within 24 hours of contacting us!