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We cover the entire Geelong area, from Portarlington to Torquay, from Bannockburn to Little River – wherever your home is, our mobile self-storage solution will come to you.


What do you do when you plan on having your entire house in Geelong renovated, but don’t have a backyard big enough to store all your belongings? You call Supercheap Storage Geelong, of course!

Why, you may ask? Because we have revolutionised the mobile storage industry in order to simplify the entire process and make it 100% stress-free. You no longer have to waste valuable time looking for a secure warehouse, only to waste even more time looking for a reliable moving company to transfer your belongings.

Years of experience have taught us how to listen to our customers’ needs and, as a result, design solutions that will make their lives easier. We’ve joined the two services into one: now you can make only one call and rest assured that you have reached the most reliable people to handle both the storage and transfer of your possessions.

With Supercheap Storage, Things Are Much Simpler:

A More Thorough Explanation

Supercheap Storage Geelong experts arrive at your doorstep with the ideal mods to store your belongings and, depending on your wishes, we can either pack and load everything for you, or let you do it all on your own. Here is how it works!

  • The first step you need to take is to check out our user-friendly Storage Calculator, so you can easily determine the exact number of modules you’ll need (or as we like to call them, mods), by typing in the items you wish to store. Our uniquely designed mods come in one sizeFind out how much storage you need!
  • Understanding the dimensions of our storage Module - The Maxi Storage Mod (10 m3) – Can fit 1.2 tonne and store two or three rooms, or a one-bedroom apartment (all appliances included). As the modules are designed to fill to the top there is no wasted storage. The size we quote is the size that will be filled!
  • When it comes to our loading services, you can opt for one of the two we offer:
    1. Premium Service – We deliver the mods to your address and pack and load your items into the module.
    2. Standard Service – We deliver the mods to your address and advise you on the best way to pack your items. However, the Standard service does not include packing and loading.
  • Finally, you can decide to which location you wish to have your items transferred:
    1. To one of our Supercheap Storage warehouses in the Geelong area
    2. Leave them safely packed and stored on your property
  • Without locking you into any contracts, we assure you of the safety of your belongings. Not only are our warehouses alarm-monitored, but you are the only one who holds the key to the module your items are safely stored in. However, we do ask you to give us two business days’ notice before you retrieve your possessions, or if you know the exact date you’ll need them back, you can book a date with us and have the packed mods delivered at an agreed-upon time.

What Sets Us Apart?


Working in the industry for almost a decade, Supercheap Storage has managed to design solutions that would set the standards for the entire mobile storage industry. We pride ourselves in our portable storage concept and unsurpassed customer service. Supercheap Storage Geelong is one of our most recent franchises, and we’re looking to spread to all major cities and areas continent-wide.

Take advantage of our years of experience!

Our Versatility of Services

Our process starts with an empty storage unit from our North Geelong warehouse that we deliver to your location anywhere in the Bay area. Depending on the service you opt for, Premium or Standard, either we load the modules with your possessions or we let you do the packing and loading yourself. Finally, we transport it to a secure warehouse

Choose the mobile storage solution that best fits your needs!

Our People

When we say that our team consists of only utmost professionals, you don’t have to take our word for it. Our staff is trained in accordance with AFRA standards, so if you decide to go for our Premium service, you can rest assured that you have left your possessions in safe hands. Our team of experts is always at your disposal for any additional questions you might have. Also, those who still prefer the Standard service and wish to pack and load their own items, can count on our professionals to give the best possible advice on how to do it.

Find out why our customers love our people!

Our Unique Module Sizes

Can’t find storage units large enough to fit all the items you plan on moving? Then don’t hesitate any longer, contact Supercheap Storage Geelong! What our satisfied customers highlight as one of our strongest features are our unique mod sizes, as they allow you to store two or three rooms, or even an entire one-bedroom apartment!

Take advantage of our supersized storage mods!

The Security We Provide

Customer satisfaction is paramount, and years of experience have taught us that when it comes to storage solutions, security is the top priority. For this reason, we’ve ensured that our warehouses are highly-secured, alarm-monitored, waterproof and maintained to the highest standards. We also provide free protective padding to prevent any possible damages. Having all of this in mind, you can be certain that with Supercheap Storage Geelong, your items will remain intact.

Our Storage Calculator

If you were to ask us about the secret ingredient of our success, we would have to mention our Storage Calculator, which allows you to define your storage needs. All you need to do is type in the type and the number of items you wish to store, and get the type and number of mods you’ll need. Never again will you have to worry whether you’ve rented storage solution big enough to answer your needs.

See how much you can fit in!

Our Affordable Rates

In addition to all the benefits that our Storage Calculator offers, we can assure you that we have the most competitive prices on the market. As you will be able to clearly define your needs, you don’t have to worry about renting a space that is too big and, consequently, more expensive than the one you actually need.

Unlimited free access to your goods

You have access to your storage unit for free from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 4:00PM on Saturday and 10:00AM to 4:00PM on Sunday, provided you give us 2-business days notice.

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Still not sure whether Supercheap Storage Geelong answers your needs? Then let’s make a checklist of all the perks that come with our super cheap, super unique and super innovative services:

Our Storage Calculator helps you specify your storage needs
We come to your doorstep with the mods you require
We pack and load everything without you having to lift a finger
Our staff is trained in accordance with AFRA standards
We offer unique module sizes
Our mods are waterproof and come with free protective pads
Supercheap Storage warehouses are alarm-monitored
We don’t lock you into any contacts
We offer services at the most competitive prices on the market

Let Experts At Super Cheap Storage Take Care Of All Your storage Needs. Just Give Us A Call, And We Will Do The Rest

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