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For all your Storage Needs in the Newcastle Area

Looking for storage or maybe moving from Newcastle West a little bit closer to the east coast? Worry no more, since Supercheap Storage Newcastle is here to take the load off. Literally.

We understand that the moving or the downsizing process is stressful enough, so we’ve come up with an innovative solution that has changed the storage game forever.

Once upon a time, you had to follow the same pattern: you look for a local warehouse, contact the owner, find a removal company, wait for them to pick up your belongings and drive to the storage space you may have rented.  And not only is the complexity of the entire process worrying but also after you have placed your items in storage you still worry a little about their safety.  With us;

1. Use our Storage Calculator to clearly define your needs.
2. Contact us if you have any additional questions.
3. We arrive at your doorstep with our storage modules.
4. You sit back and relax while our team packs all your stuff (or, if you prefer, you pack and load everything yourself).
5. We transfer the safely packed modules to one of our Supercheap Storage Newcastle warehouses.
6. We deliver them back whenever you need them.

With Supercheap Storage, Things Are Much Simpler:

A More Thorough Explanation

Our Process Explained
Whether you’re looking to move from one part of Newcastle to the other, or you’re about to travel for a certain period of time and need to keep your things in a safe place, you can count on Supercheap Storage Newcastle to tend to your needs.

  • What sets us apart from all our competitors is our handy, user-friendly calculator which helps you clearly define your storage needs. By putting on paper (in this case, a screen) all the items you wish to move, you will get the exact number and the type of mobile storage modules you need.Storage Calculator
  • Our mobile storage modules (we often refer to as ‘mods’) come in one size:
    1. Maxi Storage Mod - 10 m3 in size and can fit two or three rooms, or even an entire one-bedroom apartment (all appliances included), so you can easily fit 1.2 tons in a single Supercheap Maxi Storage Mod.
  • Next, you can opt for one of the two types of Supercheap Storage services:
    1. Standard Service - includes the delivery of the mods you have ordered to your address. You can also count on our expert staff to give you advice on the best and safest way to pack your items. However, you are the one who does the packing.
    2. Premium Service - means you don’t have to lift a finger, but leave everything to us.
    3. Flexiload Service - Where we can leave the storage modules on your property for you to load at your leisure
  • Finally, depending on your needs, you decide whether we have your things moved to one of our Supercheap Storage warehouses in Newcastle or Hunter Valley, or have them delivered to a specific address.
  • With us, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings, since you are going to be the only one with the key to your modules, which you can access 6 days a week. Please note that you need to give us two business days’ notice when you decide to retrieve your items from the storage, or book a date with us to have them delivered at your doorstep whenever it suits you best.

What Sets Us Apart?

Enviable Experience

From the moment it was launched in 2008, Supercheap Storage has strived to provide people with unique and innovative solutions for their storage problems. Being the pioneers in the field of mobile storage solutions in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, we have cooperated with different customer profiles and learned how to simplify the storage process, and designed it so that it suits individual needs. Supercheap Storage has spread to all major cities, and we plan to further continue our expansion.

About us!


What our customers highlight as one of our most prominent features is our unsurpassed versatility of service. Do you prefer to pack your items yourself or do you need our help? Do you want us to transfer the mods to one of our Supercheap Storage warehouses in Newcastle or to a specific address of your choosing? Your wish is our command. We will deliver the right Portable module solution and provide you with a protective padding free of charge to wrap all fragile items and ensure safe transport.

Choose the mobile storage solution that best fits your needs!

Expert Staff

At Supercheap Storage Newcastle, we employ only the most reliable people you certainly can count on to take good care of your belongings. What sets us apart from all others is the fact that we do not employ just anyone – our staff goes through training designed by AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalists Association). Nevertheless, it is not just about the level of their expertise, but also their will to cater to your every need and take your self-storage experience to the next level.

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Unsurpassed Module Sizes

What makes us stand out on the market are our Supercheap Storage modules that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you need to pack one room or an entire studio apartment, you can be certain that we have the ideal module to suit your needs. Our professional staff tests each and every one of our modules to ensure they are well-ventilated and that they keep your things dry and undamaged. All you have to do is take advantage of our Storage Calculator and find out just how many modes you require.

Top Security

Gone are the days when you worried about the safety of the items you have left in a warehouse. All our Supercheap Storage Newcastle and Hunter Valley facilities are fully-locked and alarm-monitored. Furthermore, your things will be packed securely, and since our warehouses are waterproof, you can be certain that you’ve left your things in the safest hands possible. Also, you are the only one who gets a key, meaning that you are the only one who has access to the lot 6 days a week.

Store your things and stop worrying!

Groundbreaking Calculator

Our years of experience have taught us that people find it difficult to estimate the size of the storage they need. Consequently, they end up with one they cannot fit all their items into, or one that is too big (and more expensive). For this reason, we have come up with a practical Storage Calculator where you enter information about the type of items you wish to store and their exact number. As a result, the calculator will provide you with information on the size of the modes you need and their exact number.

Find out how much storage you need!

Highly Affordable Rates

For those who are looking for a highly secure and affordable storage solution, there truly is no better choice than Supercheap Storage in Newcastle. Our rates differ depending on your specific needs: the size and number of modes you utilize and the period of time you book them for. Take advantage of our calculator to find out precisely what your needs are and get in touch with our people to negotiate the lowest price possible.

Unlimited free access to your goods

You have access to your storage unit for free from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday to Friday and 9:00AM to noon on Saturday, provided you give us 2-business days notice.

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Why Choose Us?

If you’ve ever gone through the stressful process of renting storage, it is evident that our services are certainly one-of-a-kind. No more worries, no more hustle – just ring us up and we’ll come to your doorstep with modes suitable to pack your entire room, or even a smaller apartment, and transfer everything to a secure Supercheap Storage in Newcastle without you even having to lift a finger.

Not only are our warehouses highly secure, but you will also be the only one who holds the key to your stuff. This way we ensure that your stuff stays intact, so once you come back to get it, you will find it just the way you left it.

Store your belongings in Newcastle and Hunter Valley with Supercheap Storage and discover the perks of mobile self-storage. Whether you need it for a day, a week, or even a month, just give us a call and our team trained in accordance with AFRA standards will take good care of your belongings.

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