Packing Tips From The Pros On How To Maximise Your Storage Unit Space

Storage Tetris is a thing – it is the only way you can maximise space in your storage unit or module and prevent household items from potential breakage. Having a mix of household items of all different shapes and sizes to fit perfectly flush can feel like a tricky game of Jenga. It can often lead to hired self storage unit spaces not being used to its fullest potential, leading to wasted money. With help from the Supercheap Storage loading pros, you are able to better organise your stuff and get the most out of your storage module!

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Downsizing: 8 Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Space

Whoever said bigger is better never experienced the elegance of less. There are lots of reasons you may choose to (or end up) downsizing – to save money, a move to the city, or just to simplify your life – maybe the kids have flown from the nest. Whatever your reasons, here are 8 top tips that will get you inspired about your impending downsizing adventure!!

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How to rock a garage sale and earn some more cash.

How often have you looked around your house and considered binning the lot? There’s something about life: no matter how carefully we try to manage what comes into our homes, we always seem to be able accumulate stuff, often until the closets are bursting and the drawers are overfull.


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